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Living Water Nurse's Commitment

to Consulting & Coaching 


Our Solutions

At Living Water Nurse Consulting and Coaching Service, we believe in a holistic integrated care system.

Healing begins with mind, body, spirit, emotions and optimal health. 


It's our mission to serve as your personal nurse advocate and consultants.

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Try our one on one free  20-30 min telephonic Register Nurse Consultation today!

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Select a package or customize a plan with our nurse based on your specific needs.

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Our Clients


G. Blikstein

Shantell has been incredible to me since day 1. She is born to help others. She is truly one of the kindest, intelligent and most patient person I know. She is so good at what she does and will check up on you, make you a plan of action and make sure you follow through with it. She actually cares and loves what she does and that’s why she is so wonderful at what she does. I am so blessed to know Sean and thankful that she helps me and answers all my questions. She guides you in the right direction and her advice is so helpful. I’ll never forget when I had an asthma attack which turned into an anxiety attack, she guided me step by step on FaceTime and made me feel safe and assured me it will be okay. She is incredible at anything she puts her mind to and that is why she is so talented.

C. Samuel

Shantell Sadberry is an excellent nurse.
I recently contacted her about my high
Cholesterol issue. She listened to me
thoroughly and was able to talk me off
of the ledge. After asking about my diet, 
lifestyle and what meds and supplements
I currently take, Shantell was able to recommend
another over the counter supplement to help
lower my cholesterol. There are different types of
cholesterol, and I didn’t know one from the other.
She patiently explained the meaning of each one.

I was also impressed how well she knows about the
prescription meds that we discussed.
Shantell is very knowledgeable, patient, and has
excellent bed side manners. Talking to her was very
easy. I will continue to keep her on my medical team.
She’s a gift from God!

P. Williams

I am beyond thrilled with Shantel S. at Living Water Nurse Consulting. We meet over the phone on June 8th, 2020 for my appointment. We spoke in detail about my health. She is well educated on the many issues I explained to her. I was overjoyed to have that experience with her along with her extreme professionalism and patience with me. I am an advocate for a more natural holistic approach on healing my body because I'm in that very business. I was extremely excited to see that she has plenty of knowledge to guide me in that direction to achieve the same results or even better without medication. I recommend her to friends and family now to seek her services. I love that I now have a personal health coach whose actually attentive and really cares about my health. The reason I love this service so much is she's treating you like an individual not a case#. LWNC has more of a personal approach, it's more individualized, and they actually care that you get better. It's definitely worth every penny for the level of service you receive. The proof is in the numbers my blood pressure went from Highest 156/90 to Lowest 131/77. 

Model in Brown Jacket

S. Brimley

Thank you for visiting with me regarding my condition.  You spent quality time listening to my symptoms and provided guidance on the type of practitioner to seek.  Although I was nervous and scared not knowing my ailment, I was encouraged and edified by your spiritual words and medical guidance.   

I will definitely seek your guidance and assistance in the future!   Thank you for all you do!

Nurse Consultant

Call today and book your One On One with a Registered Nurse Consultant and Coach.




550 North Central Expy, Suite 2751, McKinney, Texas 75070


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